Top 3 Stolen Cars in Malaysia

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

In Malaysia, a car is stolen every 24 minutes, according to statistics gathered by the General Insurance Association of Malaysia. The data resulted in Malaysia being ranked the world’s sixth country for vehicle theft in recent years, with more than 16,000 vehicles stolen annually—less than 10% are returned to their owners.

Here are the top 3 most stolen car models in the country:

1. Proton Wira

While the Proton Wira has a very low market value, it is actually the most coveted amongst car thieves. It was ranked the most stolen vehicle in 2017—654 were reported stolen that year—according to a report by The Star. This is no surprise, as they’re one of the easiest cars to steal as most models are old and use a vertical up-down manual lock. The Proton Wira is also one of the most common cars in use: least 85% of the 952,216 units sold are still on the road.

A Proton Wira in good condition can sell for anywhere between MYR2,000 and MYR4,500 each, but it’s the individual car parts that are being sought after most, as they’re worth more than the car as a whole due to their discontinued production. The engine alone can be sold for MYR1,500-2,000 and an automatic gearbox for MYR1,300. Other valuable parts include the back windscreen (MYR350) and speedometer (MYR300).

2. Toyota Hilux

The latest data as of 2017 show that 537 Toyota Hilux units were recorded for vehicle theft insurance claims. The pickup truck is versatile and best suited for Malaysia’s many jungle and rough terrains. This is no surprise as it’s been named “the world’s most indestructible car”, so it’s a no brainer this is one of the top three most stolen vehicles in the country. A five-year-old second-hand Toyota Hilux model can sell for more than MYR60,000, which signifies the robust edge this pickup possesses.

Having sold 16 million units worldwide since it was first produced in 1968, the latest model in Malaysia was released in 2018 in the form of the L-Edition (“L” for luxury) in 2.4L and 2.8L versions. Expect this car to be a continued favourite amongst vehicle thieves.

3. Toyota Vellfire

The Toyota Vellfire holds the record for the car with the highest ratio of theft: for every 463 units on the road, 1 is stolen. Highly coveted for their luxury interior designs, car thieves are purportedly paid anywhere between MYR5,000 and MYR7,000 to steal a unit, according to information collected by the Royal Malaysia Police force.

As the number one stolen luxury vehicle in the country, the Toyota Vellfire is becoming even more popular amongst car thieves, as stealing them have become easy. Although the car features a keyless entry system, a frequency-hacking device has been made widely accessible—for an affordable price of MYR150.

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