GPS Trackers Keep School Students Safe

Gps Tracker Keep School Students Safe

School buses and by extension, university buses, carry precious cargo that both parents and schools strive to keep safe. They do more than deliver students to and from schools, tuition, and lecture halls – school transport also convey their passengers to class excursions and extra-curricular activities.

However, despite the presence of guardians waiting with them for the bus and making sure an academic staff waits for them upon arrival, pupils are known to sustain injuries before embarking, during, and after disembarking the school vehicle. These injuries range from standing around or near the bus, while getting off or on the vehicle, and while staying onboard.

Furthermore, even though they are designed to be safer than private vehicles, a study found that buses are involved in up to 17% of the total traffic fatalities in Malaysia. In his paper, Akmal Abdelfatah from the American University of Sharjah suggests that due to a higher total Vehicle Kilometers Travelled (or VKT, defined as the time a bus spends travelling on the road), buses are exposed to an increased risk of road accidents while in motion.

FindMe’s FleetBiz tracker keeps track of a school shuttle’s movement to and from schools, creates a historical record of the journey, as well as captures and monitors any unsafe driving behaviours such as sudden acceleration or deceleration, and speeding. The ability to monitor bus journeys not only allows schools or parents to enforce accountability on school bus operators, but also creates better awareness on driving behaviour with the aim of encouraging safer driving by the operators.

Additionally, FleetBiz provides a channel between the driver, the education institution, and parents for consistent communication and up-to-the-minute reporting on unexpected issues during the journey.

Applying fleet management solutions to school bus services not only creates improved transparency and monitoring by concerned parties, but also encourages safer driving behaviour and ultimately, enhances the safety on the road for the students, passengers, and drivers. For more information, enquire here